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THE "STRUVE MISSION", SOUTHERN PART OF THE ARC. The Russian-Ukrainian off-road car expedition “Struve Mission” started in the afternoon July 19 from the southern terminal of the “Struve Geodetic Arc” which is situated in Staraya Nekrasovka - the old-believers' village in the mouth of the Danube. The mission is organized by the International Off-Road Tourism Club. By midnight the car mission had passed the principal Bessarabian point “Wodolui” and had its rest in the surroundings of the Moldovian town of Vadul-lui-Voda. On July 20 the extremal motorists were in the territory of Moldova. By midnight 21/22 of July the "Struve Mission" has reached Ukrainian town of Kremenets - that is the principal point of the Volyn segment of the Arc. In the evening July 22 the motorists reached "Belin" - the principal point of the Belarus segment of the Arc. There they were hospitably met by the local residents (among them - the Mazurs, father and son who have put a lot of effort to search for traces and recover the Arc point). To have a night rest, the" Struve Mission" located near the village of Belin. On July 24: at 7-40 GMT: inspection of the place in the vicinity of Vilnius where the Lithuanian principal point "Nemesch" was constructed in 1818; by the way northward: inspection of the longest measured line (12 km) wherever on the Arc; at 15-55 GMT: at the Latvian principal point "Jakobstadt". On July 26, at 10-20 GMT the mission reached Estonian town of Tartu; here, at the old University observatory the central point of the "Struve Geodetic Arc" is situated. Since July 19, the motorists have covered about one half of the space once measured during the "Russo-Scandinavian" meridian arc measurements. Several stations of the Estonian Arc segment have been visited and by evening July 26, the mission reached the capital - Tallinn where it will be awaiting a ferry to Helsinki. THE SOUTHERN HALF OF THE "STRUVE ARC" has been driven in 7 days exactly.

THE "STRUVE MISSION", NORTHERN PART OF THE ARC. Having crossed the Gulf of Finland on board of a ferry, on July 27 at 13-00  GMT the car expedition started driving along the Finnish segment of the "Struve Geodetic Arc". During July 28, moving from south to north the car tourists were crossing the southern part of Finland full of lakes. On July 29 in the morning, they have driven west of the principal point “Kilpimeki” (in central Finland) the “Struve Mission” and then reached the city of Tornio (Torneo) at 16-40 GMT. The city (one of its churches) is the northern terminal of the Finland segment of the “Struve Arc” and also the northernmost milestone of the Russian geodetic work in the course of the famous measurements. Further north, at the suggestion by Struve the Scandinavian arc segment began, it was measured by Swedish and Norwegian surveyors and astronomers, with some help provided from Pulkovo (lead by Struve) observatory in Russia. During July 30, the off-road car mission was driving along the Swedish segment of the “Struve Arc”. The team has visited important geodetic points in these parts: “Avasaksa”, “Pullinki” and “Kittis”(“Kittis-vaara”), though, however, it could not reach the principal station of the Arc Swedish segment “Stuor-oivi” due to its deep location in tundra, rather far of any roads. On July 31, at GMT 8-00 a.m. the expedition has visited the point “Baeljatz-vaara” - actually the northernmost Swedish station of the arc measurements, already in Norwegian territory. Finally, at 16-00 GMT, the car expedition has reached the “Struve Arc” northern terminal “Fuglenaes” in Hammerfest, on shores of Norwegian sea. Thus, formally, it ends the car mission, though it has not yet visited the important Arc linking point which is situated on the Russian island Gogland in the Gulf of Finland. So far no touristic car has got on the island ... . Apart from this difficulty, the whole touristic travel along the 3000-km route of the first multinational WH monument has been driven exactly in 12 days, and, importantly, for the first time since the historic measurements. The Russian-Ukrainian team of the “Struve Mission” deserves our hot greetings and respect. After visiting famous Nordkap, the expedition turned home, however, different ways: the leading car reached St.Petersburg and on August 5 visited Pulkovo astronomical observatory - formerly F.G.W.Struve's "headquarters". In the evening it went to Moscow. Others of the team (the Ukrainians) cannot be traced ...  The unprecedented travel is through.


Chairman of the International Coordinating committee on management of the WH "Struve Geodetic Arc” S. Urbanas (Lithuania) expressed support for the forthcoming international off-road car expedition along the entire route of the Struve Arc ("Struve Mission”) and encouraged committee members to contribute to its success.



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