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On September 6, 2013 a joint Belarusian-Latvian GNSS-experiment was held, to measure the Tenner "Lithuanian arc" of the meridian (1816-1827) - a part of the trans-European Russian-scandinavian arc of the meridian (widely known as "the Struve arc"). During the measurements original arc terminals were used - in 2011 these have been found surviving in the villages of Belin (Belarus) and Bristen (Latvia). Either terminal was marked in 1827-1828 as centre point of a lead insert into a small cube-shaped stone monoliths. In the experiment participated: in Belarus, experts of the state enterprise "Belaerokosmogeodeziya" and the company "Credo-Dialogue", in Latvia - surveyors with the Latvian Geospatial Information Agency. Observations lasted for 8 hours, the length of the measured vector being almost 505 km. After finalizing the computation the processed results of the GNSS measurements will be compared with those obtained by Tenner surveyors in the 19 c.



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