2014 Печать


October 7-8, Vilnius: a regular meeting of the International Coordinating Committee for the management of the trans-European World Heritage 'The Struve Geodetic Arc'. The meeting was attended by the Board member of the St. Petersburg Society for Surveying & Mapping V.I. Gleyzer. He presented a comprehensive report to the Committee, speaking about Society's 2012-2014 activities in preservation of the geodesic heritage.
The audience was informed about visiting the two 'Struve Arc' basic points (in central Finland and on the island of Gogland), on Society's participation in the international conference in Kaliningrad devoted to 'The Year of Struve', on stations of the Spitsbergen measurements of degrees visited by travelers from Ryazan who had been supplied by the Society with relevant information, on restoration of the 1888 Moloskovitsy baseline, on preservation of the benchmarks of the 1872 first vertical geodetic reference net of St. Petersburg. V.I. Gleyzer also gave members of the Committee discs with videos, copies of the magazine of the Society as well as the booklet 'The Struve Arc Necklace', issued for the international conference 'Struve - The European Surveyor of 2014'.


Public organization "Association of Estonian Surveyors" (Eesti Geodeetide Ühing) published an anthology of articles of authors from different countries on the work and legacy of the prominent astronomer and surveyor F.G.W. Struve. The release was done as part of the CLGE activities of the current year to promote the heritage and significance "of the European surveyor" F.G.W. Struve. Among the authors of the anthology - the Board secretary of the St. Petersburg Society for Surveying & Mapping VB Kaptüg.        


At the initiative of the Russian representatives in the international organization CLGE (European Council of Geodetic Surveyors) F.G.W. Struve was nominated  'The European Surveyor of 2014'. In accordance with the action plan, the Russian NGOs - 'Chamber of Cadastral Engineers' and 'Cadastral Engineers' organized in Kaliningrad the Fourth European 'Conference of the European Surveyor and GeoInformation', it took place on July 1. The conference was attended by delegates of 16 European states, including several ones represented in the Committee on 'Struve Arc'.
The St. Petersburg Society for Surveying & Mapping actively participated in the preparation and holding of the conference: it organized visits to the two basic 'Struve Arc' points  in central Finland (Kilpimeki) and on the island of Gogland (Mäkipäälys and Point Z); the Board secretary  V.B. Kaptüg advised preparation and publication of information materials and souvenirs for the conference as well as read the opening report: 'V.Ya.Struve - outstanding surveyor of XIX century'.