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Ukraine. A well-illustrated account (11 parts) reviewing the world's first off-road car expedition “Struve Mission” along the 3000-km route of the WH “Struve Geodetic Arc” in July-August this year is placed on the following three pages of the Forum of the Ukrainian automobile club “Lviv 4x4”:




Latvia. Surveyors of the governmental Geospatial Information Agency and Riga Technical University have computed precise location of SGA astronomical-geodetic station “Bristen” (lat. 56.34.53, long. 25.21.34) and conducted first excavations at the place in August 17-19. Parts of underground foundation of the astronomical observatory and centre of the station have been found. On August 31 the investigations went on: after removing a safeguarding cover of bricks the precise physical carrier of the “Bristen” station centre has been found.

The carrier of metal has a precise physical point formed by intersection of two straight lines, as well as an inscription: “1828”. The findings of Latvian and Belarus (see the next info) surveyors have made a valuable contribution both to culture and the history of geodesy, i.e. recover of  authentic “Lithuanian arc of meridian” of Karl Tenner - outstanding surveyor of the first half of the 19 C.

Belarus. On July 20 specialists of the private “Credo-Dialog” company and state-owned enterprise Belaerokosmogeodeziya (Minsk) have conducted successful excavations at the place where the principal station of the Belarusian segment of the “Struve Geodetic Arc” was situated - in the village of Belin in the south of the Republic. A well-preserved centre point of 1827 was discovered, it was found under a floor of concrete inside a brickwall building of a farm (calf shed).

The exact field position of the centre was found in summer of 2010 by the company “Credo-Dialog” and the St. Petersburg Society of Surveying & Mapping together .

Estonia. In the city of Tartu on April 27 celebrations were held devoted to the 200th anniversary of the old astronomical observatory of Tartu University. The celebration was attended by a visiting representative of the St. Petersburg SS&M. In the observatory of the former “Dorpat University” a graduate and then an outstanding professor and academician Wilhelm (Vasily Yakovlevich) Struve led his astronomical and geodetic work for 28 years. One of the exhibits of the restored observatory museum is a commemorative point defined by Struve himself which fixes the line of the famous Russian-Scandinavian meridian arc.

As a gift from the St. Petersburg SS&M a copy of a rare Struve's manuscript of 1819 has been delivered to the museum.

Estonia, Latvia, Finland, Sweden. Postal administrations of these countries have released souvenir postage stamps dedicated to the World Heritage "Struve Geodetic Arc". Swedish stamps have an ingenious triangular shape.

United Nations Organization. United Nations Postal Administration is near to release a series of six stamps dedicated to the World Heritage in Nordic countries, one of those is called “Struve Bogen” (Struve arc).



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