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Here you can be aware of Society's activities and other significant contributions relative to the World Heritage cultural property listed under No.1187 on the World Heritage List (WHL) of UNESCO.

The most recent news:

SGA is:

  • the first multinational (trans-European) and the first scientific & technical object of “outstanding universal value” in the history of the UNESCO WHL;
  • the largest measurement of the figure of the Earth in the world history prior to the XX C. (c. 1/14 of the earth circumference); it was carried out under general guidance of the Russian Academician F.G.W.Struve – that is, the SGA was also an important Russian scientific & technical achievement;
  • the first geodetic property on the WHL: as being precisely measured, geometrical elements of the SGA were in demand by scientists of the world for more than 120 years;
  • the few (34) stations where SGA field measurements took place had been selected - arbitrarily - in 10 European states out of the total of 318 SGA field stations; so far the WHL includes only 7 out of the 13 principal SGA stations which Struve selected as "carriers" of the mathematical results of the historic measure of the Earth meridian;
  • a very unusual object of the history of science & technology: it requires to be presented as a single cultural entity despite its great geographic extent and different state ownership of the SGA separate segments.

Considering SGA's important cultural features, here we aim to gather as much information about them as possible, both historical and obtained by modern research. As to its cultural content, the existing WH SGA is still rather meager. We invite everyone to investigate SGA's cultural features and - for that purpose - overcome political and institutional frames, establish broad co-operation and open exchange of information on the basis of mutual acknowledgment and respect. On these special pages of the website of the St.Petersburg Society for Surveying & Mapping we will publish or refer to the news and significant research material relative to the SGA whoever would submit it or wherever it would come from.

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SGA map

SGA map